carry on in the dead of the night
alive in the fire
without a plan
carry on
we're circling light

carry on
carry on
And if I wave goodbye
To the images that divide my eyes
If I say I will see without
a see-er
I will be here
I will be
I will be here

but if the spool unravels
In tangles
How can I tell
which end is
My handle
and when the dark goes deeper
My candle—
How can I only—
tell me—
No leader


do you see
closed eyes?
I am standing next to you
folding down
rooted heart
go on
cry out
kiss—you're shivering

where you run
I will follow you there
wave to you bare, undone
where you go
I'll unglue you, undone
no sleep no release, undone
I am tearing through wires of mud
a virus of
love undone
hold your head in the palm of my hand
I'm trying to stand
without a plan


a shimmer and a glow
in all these animations
and which way do i go?
a chorus of vibrations 
I didn’t Know my Head
And Then I fell into a White Room
I told you and you told me
Not to listen to the feeling cries  
dive into a silver stew
swim into a twisted why
you climb and climb
and winding through
the bolts & glue & cubes
that fill your eyes
your wandering eyes  
that dance out
why though all your do
reach out
knew i need—
everyone stops you uncertain